The General Meeting held on 19 January 2019 commenced at 10.24am at Dalangilla Ngurra (L1), NSW State Library, Sydney NSW, Australia

Richard Alley (chairman), Rhys James, Michaela Smith, Lukah Bain, Nicholas Faulks, Jared Abbott, Itamar Steigrad (dialled in)

Filip Stempien, Alexander Robinson

  1. Minutes of previous meeting
    8 December 2018 minutes tabled by Michaela Smith and accepted
  2. Business arising from previous minutes
    (a) Google Drive Set Up
    Richard confirmed google drive has been set up, with associated folders.
    All present agreed they have obtained access, and no issues with using.

    (b) President’s email to APA
    All present confirmed they had read the draft email and agreed it should be sent.
    Action: Richard Alley to send email to APA.

    (c) Qualifications Update: related fitness training materials/syllabus
    • New Zealand will send through their materials when they have done with them (expecting approximately 2-3 months)
    • Committee agreed we should request any working drafts in the meantime, so as not to delay progress by 2-3 months only to find out their materials aren’t satisfactory.
    • Europe: Itamar spoke to Sports Academy, they don’t have any formal
    qualifications. Copenhagen have a bachelor of circus degree.
    Action: Itamar to find out how the bachelor of circus degree came to be recognised / obtain copies of degree information from online if possible.
    • Outdoor rec: Itamar to speak to Alex Reco
  3. Secretary Update
    • Michaela confirmed form A9 (notice of appointment of public officer) has been filed and lodged with NSW Fair Trading
    • Michaela confirmed request for constitution has been lodged with NSW Fair trading. There is a small search and photocopy fee involved, which NSW Fair Trading will send quote for.
    • Committee voted and agreed that when quote is made available, treasurer should proceed to pay.
  4. Treasurer Update
    • Michaela confirmed that the bank accounts require two signatories.
    • Committee voted and agreed to remove the current signatories on all of the Parkour NSW Assoc Inc Westpac bank accounts (Oliver Lister and Monique McDonald)
    • Committee voted and agreed to add two signatories on all of the Parkour NSW Assoc Inc Westpac bank accounts – Michaela Smith (treasurer) and Richard Alley (president)
  5. General Business
    (a) Register of members
    • We currently don’t have one – previous committee did not keep one
    • Committee resolved that Michaela is to review bank records and messages received by association for membership prior to the FY18 AGM, to ascertain who are current members.

(b) Reimbursement for covering of crash mats
• Previous committee voted and agreed to reimburse the costs of two crash mats from JP Gauntlett.
• Committee considered utilitarian purpose of Association having crash mats: nowhere to currently store, and what purpose would we use them for? Suggested could hire them out for events / gyms, considered that if that were to happen, can point to other organisations who have mats already and can assist with this.
• Suggested that JP / AAPES may wish to purchase the mats back from Parkour NSW for the cost of covering
• Action: Michaela to discuss with JP Gauntlett and notify committee at next

(c) Association registered address and mailing address
• Agreed mailing and registered address of association to be secretary’s address.
• Committee to consider whether necessary to amend to PO Box in future.

(d) Facebook / Instagram / Social Media
• Committee considered what outcome we wish to achieve with social media
accounts; what is the purpose of them?
o Share community news
o target audience: current community, people who potentially want to join

o Considered having a smaller, more relevant following with higher
engagement is more important than a large, irrelevant following
o Professional voice to all posts
• Considered and agreed to use a scheduling platform like ‘Later’ to post to
facebook and Instagram
• Committee considered and voted on having a sub-committee to generate content and oversee content production:
o Michaela;
o Nicholas Faulks;
o Lukah Bain;
o Jared Abbott.
• Action items:
o Clean up old posts on current facebook page;
o Introduce new committee

(e) Personal Social Media Accounts
• President and Vice-President reminded committee that any personal posts on our own private social media accounts are seen, or have the potential to be seen by the entire community (including potential further business partners, or groups we may wish to work with in the future);
• Any posts posted by anyone in the committee on their personal social media accounts may be seen as being representative of the committee’s views, and therefore have the potential to reflect poorly on the organisation and the committee as a whole e.g. any homophobic, misogynistic, overly political or controversial opinions should be avoided.
• Committee reminded that even when social media profiles are on private, or people are blocked from viewing posts, anything can still be screenshotted and circulated.

(f) Action Items:
• All committee members:
o Review other sports organisation websites, social media, and add
screenshots to google drive folder.

• Michaela
o Book meeting room for next meeting (16 February 2019)
o Pay for and obtain copy of Constitution from NSW Fair Trading
o Start compiling register of members
o Westpac: Notice of change in authority to be lodged ASAP
• Richard and Rhys:
o Website: consider content (committee page, attach business documents), branding and design.

• Itamar and Rhys:
o Qualifications: review qualifications of NICA
o Itamar to find out more about circus degree in Copenhagen

  1. Meeting closed at 11.22am

Next meeting scheduled for afternoon of 16 February 2019.