The General Meeting held on 3 March 2019 commenced at 4.03pm at University of Technology, Sydney NSW, Australia


Richard Alley (chairman), Michaela Smith, Lukah Bain, Nicholas Faulks, Jared Abbott, Alexander Robinson, Filip Stempien


Itamar Steigrad, Rhys James

1. Minutes of previous meeting

19 January 2019 minutes tabled by Michaela Smith and accepted

2. Business arising from previous minutes

(a) Register of members

Michaela confirmed we now have the register of members, needs further review to ascertain whether it is accurate

Action: MJS

(b) Crash mats

Michaela confirmed JP is happy to purchase the crash mats back from Parkour NSW for the same costs as recovering them.

(c) Website

• Committee agreed that in line with commitment for transparency, the website should have a page where minutes of Parkour NSW meetings can be downloaded.

Action: Richard Alley to create and update webpage

• Committee agreed website needs to be made compatible for mobile devices. Filip agreed to assist with this.

3. Social Media Committee Update

• Richard to set up Later account, for social media committee to schedule / review posts.

• Confirmed that social media post of new committee has been uploaded, and had a good reception.

• Discussion as to what we post: committee agreed our social media is to look professional, and have a positive outlook.

• It was agreed that the social media committee is responsible for delegating roles as to posting, and drafting a social media policy.

Action: Create social media policy

• Content to be shared includes news stories, any positive portrayal of parkour, new events taking place in the community.

• It was agreed that reposting social media content (video posts for e.g.) should be contained to Instagram / facebook stories, and sharing of news and events should be contained to actual Instagram/ facebook posts.

4. Qualifications Update

• Committee agreed that our long term goal is to be recognised by NSW Sports and Rec (government body) as an official sporting organisation – this will assist affiliates with obtaining government grants, insurance etc.

• Qualifications to include a theory and safety aspect of teaching, and information about anatomy

• Qualifications to be made easily accessible on website.

• Agreed that to progress the qualifications, to create a Quals Committee: members to be Filip, Michaela, Richard.

Action Items:

• Richard: review UK qualifications

• Filip: Review all documents currently on drive from previous committee qualifications attempt, and create a summary

• Michaela: review qualifications from other sporting organisations

• Alex: upload Cert III, Cert IV materials to Google Drive

5. Secretary Update


• Michaela advised review of constitution obtained from Fair Trading NSW.

• Previous secretary (Monique McDonald) never lodged the Constitution with Fair Trading NSW after it was updated. Therefore, any changes made are not valid.

• The “valid” constitution is not the constitution we have been operating under; therefore it is questionable as to whether members a valid, also committee exceeds number of committee members.

• Legal advice received was that as everyone has been operating under the “invalid” constitution, there has not been any “unfair” actions taking place.

• To update the Constitution, a special resolution has to be held. As we are only 3 months out from the end of financial year (at which time we are required to hold an AGM and any special resolution votes can be held), committee voted that any special resolutions to be passed are to be presented at the AGM.

• Committee resolved that search fee from obtaining Constitution to be reimbursed to Michaela

6. Treasurer Update

• Michaela provided update on access to Westpac accounts: currently signatories have not yet been changed due to difficulties with the bank requesting different things each time we attend. This will be resolved in the following week.

• Annual summary of financial affairs is still to be lodged with Fair Trading NSW – has been unable to thus far, due to access issues.

7. General Business

(a) APA Response letter

• Richard circulated the APA’s response to our letter reaching out.

• Agreed we should respond, and tone should be neutral

• Request clarification of “partnership policy” and “National Sporting Organisation”

• Re their request for a meeting: agreed to request an agenda for meeting and details for any proposed compensation

(b) Events

• Filip raised “We Jump NSW” as an event suggestion. Lack of liability insurance raised as risk; suggestion of making event online/using a hashtag to endorse but not “run” the event instead.

• Committee agreed that Parkour NSW exists to help facilitate community, and we can do that by supporting events held by the parkour community.

• Committee agreed to put a social media callout for events, and put those events on a calendar on the website. Discussion about whether to include monthly Sydney Parkour jams on calendar was not resolved and remains undecided.

• Jump Off / AAPES Botany events: discussion took place as to what Parkour NSW can reasonably provide – money, talks (i.e. recap of FIG drama, what is parkour, etc etc). Can also take the opportunity to hold an information stall at Jump Off, to educate parkour community on Parkour NSW, its goals, collect email addresses for newsletter, promote our AGM etc etc. Parkour NSW could hold a BBQ at AAPES Botany opening event.

• Committee to consider need for posters, gazebo, table, chair etc or whether can hire.

Action Items:

• Michaela to talk with JP about Parkour NSW at Jump Off, AAPES Botany opening and notify committee.

• Richard to set up email addressed events@ and committee@

• Alex: Contact other parkour organisations and businesses for details of any events they are holding.

• Alex: Brainstorm Jump Off stall ideas

(c) Re-Branding

• Committee agreed this was a future project.

• Discussion as to merchandise (utility?); also agreed future project.

8. Meeting closed at 5.51pm

Next meeting scheduled for afternoon of 31 March 2019