The General Meeting held on 5 May 2019 commenced at 4.28pm at Sydney, NSW Australia via online messenger call.

Present Richard Alley (chairman), Rhys James, Michaela Smith, Lukah Bain, Nicholas Faulks, Itamar Steigrad

Apologies Alexander Robinson, Filip Stempien, Jared Abbott 1. Proposal from Stephania Zitis / Women of Sydney Parkour for funding of 2 flights for female athletes for Jump Off

(a) Discussion about athletes’ affiliation with FIG; both have participated in FIG World Cup very recently. This is a big issue for committee as we don’t want to be seen as affiliating with FIG or FIG athletes.

(b) Itamar has met both athletes and agrees that they are both high-level, and friendly.

(c) Still issues as to what Parkour NSW gets in return for investment. It is still unclear how women who currently train would probably enjoy having higher-level athletes around to train with, there is no indication as to how this will encourage new women to join.

(e) Chairman called for formal vote.

(f) Committee unanimously voted “no”

2. Proposal from AAPES

(a) Agreed this proposal has significant benefits for Parkour NSW.

(b) Discussion as to whether we have the resources at the moment to take advantage of any gains – e.g. we can add 1000+ people to our mailing list, but what do we then do with that?

(c) It was noted that we would be largely paying for legitimacy, at the moment Parkour NSW is largely irrelevant within the community.

(d) Sponsoring a community event aligns with our goals and values as it directly gives back to the community.

(e) Chairman called for formal vote

(f) Votes yes: Michaela, Lukah, Nicholas Votes no: Richard, Rhys, Itamar

(h) President votes “No” with second vote.

(g) Noted by chairman that under the constitution, for any tied vote on an issue, the president receives a second vote to decide the issue.

(i) Further discussion – “No” voters concerned with the amount of money; may reconsider vote if amount of money changed to something lower. E.g. funding two athletes instead of three, or if further benefits could be attained e.g. future venue hire agreement with AAPES

(j) Question raised; if this proposal was raised by another person or entity (e.g. Djordje or Jump Squad) would “yes” votes still be “yes”, or is it because people like JP? Noted that “yes” voters not voting because of JP – voting because the event is the largest free parkour event in the Southern Hemisphere that directly benefits the local parkour community, and the Australian parkour community. Noted that not all committee members have a good history with JP, so votes can’t be considered personal.

(k) Questions also raised as to who would be filming any videos at Jump Off. (l) Itamar noted he would vote yes if funding was for $1,500.
(m) Rhys noted he would vote yes if funding was for $2,000.
(n) Richard noted he would vote yes if funding was for $2,200.

(o) Committee agreed President and Vice-President to revert to JP with the following two offers: 1. Offer $2,000 with same benefits to Parkour NSW as listed in proposal; 2. Offer ~$4,000 with same benefits to Parkour NSW as listed in proposal, plus further benefits e.g. future venue hire, and an ongoing relationship re same (details to be worked out)

Meeting closed at 5.03 pm