The General Meeting held on 8 December 2018 commenced at 1.41pm at Pyrmont Community Centre, Pyrmont NSW, Australia.

Richard Alley (chairman), Rhys James, Michaela Smith, Lukah Bain, Nicholas Faulks, Alexander Robinson, Itamar Steigrad (dialled in)

Jared Abbott, Filip Stempien

  1. Minutes of previous meeting
    Tabled by Michaela Smith and accepted
  2. Reimbursement for Server Costs
    Richard Alley has been paying annual server / hosting fees for Parkour NSW website for several years
    Agreed these costs are to be reimbursed.
    Richard to submit invoices at next meeting for committee’s consideration.
  3. Committee Goals
    (a) Qualifications
    • Noted that the current qualification documents from the previous committee are at best in draft form.
    • Considered reason for providing qualification system: agreed that having official qualifications, and an official syllabus allows for Parkour NSW Inc to undertake risk assessments, and negotiate better with insurance companies, councils, government bodies etc.
    • Pass/fail rates are to be taken into account; cannot have a 100% pass rate
    • Qualification system should be more wholistic (focus also on communication skills)
    • Previously gained qualifications (e.g. Cert III, Cert IV in fitness) should be able to count as ‘credits’ towards gaining quals.
    • Alex to circulate a copy of Cert IV fitness training material / syllabus
    (b) Governing body for parkour in NSW
    • Committee agreed that as a long-term goal we should be establishing ourselves as the governing body for parkour in NSW.

(c) Spreading parkour to regional communities / Parkour parks / public spaces
• Agreed that it should be a long-term goal of Parkour NSW Inc to assist regional communities, and broader NSW; the city and inner Sydney has facilities in place, broader NSW doesn’t necessarily have that.
• This could take the form of providing assistance in setting up infrastructure, assisting with building parks
• The qualifications material should be free and easily accessible / available, with administration and instructor fees to cover any associated costs of implementation

(d) Facilitating jump off into a larger, more international event / hosting our own event /
Attend events/festivals
• Events help spread awareness of parkour generally within the greater
• Our goal as an organisation is to help parkour businesses etc;
• Agreed that Parkour NSW Inc would not be hosting own events, but may facilitate
others to do so, subject to costs-benefit analyses to be undertaken at the
appropriate time

(e) Anti-FIG stance
• Agreed that if we are recognised as a governing body for parkour, we will be inadvertently fighting FIG – although open letters help and can be useful, if we are better at what we do that will also fight FIG.
• Agreed we can work with other international parkour bodies, e.g. New Zealand, UK, APA etc.

(f) General membership
• Noted that membership is required under the current Constitution;
• Agreed that we should provide information to members about what it means to be a member of Parkour NSW Inc
• Agreed Parkour NSW Inc should be transparent about its goals and how it is achieving them, and allow for general members to be involved if they wish
• Action: need to locate list of current membership (As required by law to have a current register)
• Action: ensure all current memberships are consistent with Constitution

(g) Generating income
• Rhys raised the question of why does Parkour NSW Inc need to generate income?
• Noted we currently have ~$20,000 in bank.
• Agreed that all projects are to be cost assessed at the relevant time.
• Agreed that we should be focussing on other goals in the meantime, rather than “generating income” for the sake of doing so.
• Agreed that Parkour NSW Inc should not be teaching classes, but should be facilitating others to do so.
• Agreed that if appropriate, there may be events Parkour NSW can sponsor to assist spreading parkour

  1. Other general business
    (a) Relationship between Parkour NSW Inc and APA
    • to begin as a clean slate;
    • Action: Richard to write to APA and introduce new committee to open the line of
    (b) Constitution
    • Action: Michaela to obtain copy of Constitution on record with Fair Trading and
    consider if any amendments required; to be tabled at next meeting

(c) Website
• Website: agreed it is to be updated. Action: committee members to add website inspiration screenshots to google drive folder.

(d) Branding Consistency
• Agreed branding may need to be reconsidered; current logos / images etc very old and dated
• To consider target market; businesses, councils, governments
• Agreed we should ensure consistent voice and writing
(e) Action Items:
• Richard:
o consider affiliation – contact NSW Sport & Rec;
o set up Google Drive
o Set up folder on Google Drive for website inspiration
o Set up folder on Google Drive for logos inspiration
o Email APA re opening line of communication between organisations
o Book meeting room for next meeting (19 January 2019)
• Rhys:
o Contact New Zealand parkour re qualifications materials
• Michaela:
o Contact Fair Trading re constitution
o Download all files on current PNSW facebook group and re-upload to
google drive
• Itamar:
o Contact Denmark parkour re qualifications materials

  1. Meeting closed at 3.20pm