The General Meeting held on 5 May 2019 commenced at 4.28pm at Sydney, NSW Australia via online messenger call.

Present Richard Alley (chairman), Rhys James, Michaela Smith, Lukah Bain, Nicholas Faulks, Itamar Steigrad

Apologies Alexander Robinson, Filip Stempien, Jared Abbott 1. Proposal from Stephania Zitis / Women of Sydney Parkour for funding of 2 flights for female athletes for Jump Off

(a) Discussion about athletes’ affiliation with FIG; both have participated in FIG World Cup very recently. This is a big issue for committee as we don’t want to be seen as affiliating with FIG or FIG athletes.

(b) Itamar has met both athletes and agrees that they are both high-level, and friendly.

(c) Still issues as to what Parkour NSW gets in return for investment. It is still unclear how women who currently train would probably enjoy having higher-level athletes around to train with, there is no indication as to how this will encourage new women to join.

(e) Chairman called for formal vote.

(f) Committee unanimously voted “no”

2. Proposal from AAPES

(a) Agreed this proposal has significant benefits for Parkour NSW.

(b) Discussion as to whether we have the resources at the moment to take advantage of any gains – e.g. we can add 1000+ people to our mailing list, but what do we then do with that?

(c) It was noted that we would be largely paying for legitimacy, at the moment Parkour NSW is largely irrelevant within the community.

(d) Sponsoring a community event aligns with our goals and values as it directly gives back to the community.

(e) Chairman called for formal vote

(f) Votes yes: Michaela, Lukah, Nicholas Votes no: Richard, Rhys, Itamar

(h) President votes “No” with second vote.

(g) Noted by chairman that under the constitution, for any tied vote on an issue, the president receives a second vote to decide the issue.

(i) Further discussion – “No” voters concerned with the amount of money; may reconsider vote if amount of money changed to something lower. E.g. funding two athletes instead of three, or if further benefits could be attained e.g. future venue hire agreement with AAPES

(j) Question raised; if this proposal was raised by another person or entity (e.g. Djordje or Jump Squad) would “yes” votes still be “yes”, or is it because people like JP? Noted that “yes” voters not voting because of JP – voting because the event is the largest free parkour event in the Southern Hemisphere that directly benefits the local parkour community, and the Australian parkour community. Noted that not all committee members have a good history with JP, so votes can’t be considered personal.

(k) Questions also raised as to who would be filming any videos at Jump Off. (l) Itamar noted he would vote yes if funding was for $1,500.
(m) Rhys noted he would vote yes if funding was for $2,000.
(n) Richard noted he would vote yes if funding was for $2,200.

(o) Committee agreed President and Vice-President to revert to JP with the following two offers: 1. Offer $2,000 with same benefits to Parkour NSW as listed in proposal; 2. Offer ~$4,000 with same benefits to Parkour NSW as listed in proposal, plus further benefits e.g. future venue hire, and an ongoing relationship re same (details to be worked out)

Meeting closed at 5.03 pm


The General Meeting held on 3 March 2019 commenced at 4.03pm at University of Technology, Sydney NSW, Australia


Richard Alley (chairman), Michaela Smith, Lukah Bain, Nicholas Faulks, Jared Abbott, Alexander Robinson, Filip Stempien


Itamar Steigrad, Rhys James

1. Minutes of previous meeting

19 January 2019 minutes tabled by Michaela Smith and accepted

2. Business arising from previous minutes

(a) Register of members

Michaela confirmed we now have the register of members, needs further review to ascertain whether it is accurate

Action: MJS

(b) Crash mats

Michaela confirmed JP is happy to purchase the crash mats back from Parkour NSW for the same costs as recovering them.

(c) Website

• Committee agreed that in line with commitment for transparency, the website should have a page where minutes of Parkour NSW meetings can be downloaded.

Action: Richard Alley to create and update webpage

• Committee agreed website needs to be made compatible for mobile devices. Filip agreed to assist with this.

3. Social Media Committee Update

• Richard to set up Later account, for social media committee to schedule / review posts.

• Confirmed that social media post of new committee has been uploaded, and had a good reception.

• Discussion as to what we post: committee agreed our social media is to look professional, and have a positive outlook.

• It was agreed that the social media committee is responsible for delegating roles as to posting, and drafting a social media policy.

Action: Create social media policy

• Content to be shared includes news stories, any positive portrayal of parkour, new events taking place in the community.

• It was agreed that reposting social media content (video posts for e.g.) should be contained to Instagram / facebook stories, and sharing of news and events should be contained to actual Instagram/ facebook posts.

4. Qualifications Update

• Committee agreed that our long term goal is to be recognised by NSW Sports and Rec (government body) as an official sporting organisation – this will assist affiliates with obtaining government grants, insurance etc.

• Qualifications to include a theory and safety aspect of teaching, and information about anatomy

• Qualifications to be made easily accessible on website.

• Agreed that to progress the qualifications, to create a Quals Committee: members to be Filip, Michaela, Richard.

Action Items:

• Richard: review UK qualifications

• Filip: Review all documents currently on drive from previous committee qualifications attempt, and create a summary

• Michaela: review qualifications from other sporting organisations

• Alex: upload Cert III, Cert IV materials to Google Drive

5. Secretary Update


• Michaela advised review of constitution obtained from Fair Trading NSW.

• Previous secretary (Monique McDonald) never lodged the Constitution with Fair Trading NSW after it was updated. Therefore, any changes made are not valid.

• The “valid” constitution is not the constitution we have been operating under; therefore it is questionable as to whether members a valid, also committee exceeds number of committee members.

• Legal advice received was that as everyone has been operating under the “invalid” constitution, there has not been any “unfair” actions taking place.

• To update the Constitution, a special resolution has to be held. As we are only 3 months out from the end of financial year (at which time we are required to hold an AGM and any special resolution votes can be held), committee voted that any special resolutions to be passed are to be presented at the AGM.

• Committee resolved that search fee from obtaining Constitution to be reimbursed to Michaela

6. Treasurer Update

• Michaela provided update on access to Westpac accounts: currently signatories have not yet been changed due to difficulties with the bank requesting different things each time we attend. This will be resolved in the following week.

• Annual summary of financial affairs is still to be lodged with Fair Trading NSW – has been unable to thus far, due to access issues.

7. General Business

(a) APA Response letter

• Richard circulated the APA’s response to our letter reaching out.

• Agreed we should respond, and tone should be neutral

• Request clarification of “partnership policy” and “National Sporting Organisation”

• Re their request for a meeting: agreed to request an agenda for meeting and details for any proposed compensation

(b) Events

• Filip raised “We Jump NSW” as an event suggestion. Lack of liability insurance raised as risk; suggestion of making event online/using a hashtag to endorse but not “run” the event instead.

• Committee agreed that Parkour NSW exists to help facilitate community, and we can do that by supporting events held by the parkour community.

• Committee agreed to put a social media callout for events, and put those events on a calendar on the website. Discussion about whether to include monthly Sydney Parkour jams on calendar was not resolved and remains undecided.

• Jump Off / AAPES Botany events: discussion took place as to what Parkour NSW can reasonably provide – money, talks (i.e. recap of FIG drama, what is parkour, etc etc). Can also take the opportunity to hold an information stall at Jump Off, to educate parkour community on Parkour NSW, its goals, collect email addresses for newsletter, promote our AGM etc etc. Parkour NSW could hold a BBQ at AAPES Botany opening event.

• Committee to consider need for posters, gazebo, table, chair etc or whether can hire.

Action Items:

• Michaela to talk with JP about Parkour NSW at Jump Off, AAPES Botany opening and notify committee.

• Richard to set up email addressed events@ and committee@

• Alex: Contact other parkour organisations and businesses for details of any events they are holding.

• Alex: Brainstorm Jump Off stall ideas

(c) Re-Branding

• Committee agreed this was a future project.

• Discussion as to merchandise (utility?); also agreed future project.

8. Meeting closed at 5.51pm

Next meeting scheduled for afternoon of 31 March 2019


The General Meeting held on 19 January 2019 commenced at 10.24am at Dalangilla Ngurra (L1), NSW State Library, Sydney NSW, Australia

Richard Alley (chairman), Rhys James, Michaela Smith, Lukah Bain, Nicholas Faulks, Jared Abbott, Itamar Steigrad (dialled in)

Filip Stempien, Alexander Robinson

  1. Minutes of previous meeting
    8 December 2018 minutes tabled by Michaela Smith and accepted
  2. Business arising from previous minutes
    (a) Google Drive Set Up
    Richard confirmed google drive has been set up, with associated folders.
    All present agreed they have obtained access, and no issues with using.

    (b) President’s email to APA
    All present confirmed they had read the draft email and agreed it should be sent.
    Action: Richard Alley to send email to APA.

    (c) Qualifications Update: related fitness training materials/syllabus
    • New Zealand will send through their materials when they have done with them (expecting approximately 2-3 months)
    • Committee agreed we should request any working drafts in the meantime, so as not to delay progress by 2-3 months only to find out their materials aren’t satisfactory.
    • Europe: Itamar spoke to Sports Academy, they don’t have any formal
    qualifications. Copenhagen have a bachelor of circus degree.
    Action: Itamar to find out how the bachelor of circus degree came to be recognised / obtain copies of degree information from online if possible.
    • Outdoor rec: Itamar to speak to Alex Reco
  3. Secretary Update
    • Michaela confirmed form A9 (notice of appointment of public officer) has been filed and lodged with NSW Fair Trading
    • Michaela confirmed request for constitution has been lodged with NSW Fair trading. There is a small search and photocopy fee involved, which NSW Fair Trading will send quote for.
    • Committee voted and agreed that when quote is made available, treasurer should proceed to pay.
  4. Treasurer Update
    • Michaela confirmed that the bank accounts require two signatories.
    • Committee voted and agreed to remove the current signatories on all of the Parkour NSW Assoc Inc Westpac bank accounts (Oliver Lister and Monique McDonald)
    • Committee voted and agreed to add two signatories on all of the Parkour NSW Assoc Inc Westpac bank accounts – Michaela Smith (treasurer) and Richard Alley (president)
  5. General Business
    (a) Register of members
    • We currently don’t have one – previous committee did not keep one
    • Committee resolved that Michaela is to review bank records and messages received by association for membership prior to the FY18 AGM, to ascertain who are current members.

(b) Reimbursement for covering of crash mats
• Previous committee voted and agreed to reimburse the costs of two crash mats from JP Gauntlett.
• Committee considered utilitarian purpose of Association having crash mats: nowhere to currently store, and what purpose would we use them for? Suggested could hire them out for events / gyms, considered that if that were to happen, can point to other organisations who have mats already and can assist with this.
• Suggested that JP / AAPES may wish to purchase the mats back from Parkour NSW for the cost of covering
• Action: Michaela to discuss with JP Gauntlett and notify committee at next

(c) Association registered address and mailing address
• Agreed mailing and registered address of association to be secretary’s address.
• Committee to consider whether necessary to amend to PO Box in future.

(d) Facebook / Instagram / Social Media
• Committee considered what outcome we wish to achieve with social media
accounts; what is the purpose of them?
o Share community news
o target audience: current community, people who potentially want to join

o Considered having a smaller, more relevant following with higher
engagement is more important than a large, irrelevant following
o Professional voice to all posts
• Considered and agreed to use a scheduling platform like ‘Later’ to post to
facebook and Instagram
• Committee considered and voted on having a sub-committee to generate content and oversee content production:
o Michaela;
o Nicholas Faulks;
o Lukah Bain;
o Jared Abbott.
• Action items:
o Clean up old posts on current facebook page;
o Introduce new committee

(e) Personal Social Media Accounts
• President and Vice-President reminded committee that any personal posts on our own private social media accounts are seen, or have the potential to be seen by the entire community (including potential further business partners, or groups we may wish to work with in the future);
• Any posts posted by anyone in the committee on their personal social media accounts may be seen as being representative of the committee’s views, and therefore have the potential to reflect poorly on the organisation and the committee as a whole e.g. any homophobic, misogynistic, overly political or controversial opinions should be avoided.
• Committee reminded that even when social media profiles are on private, or people are blocked from viewing posts, anything can still be screenshotted and circulated.

(f) Action Items:
• All committee members:
o Review other sports organisation websites, social media, and add
screenshots to google drive folder.

• Michaela
o Book meeting room for next meeting (16 February 2019)
o Pay for and obtain copy of Constitution from NSW Fair Trading
o Start compiling register of members
o Westpac: Notice of change in authority to be lodged ASAP
• Richard and Rhys:
o Website: consider content (committee page, attach business documents), branding and design.

• Itamar and Rhys:
o Qualifications: review qualifications of NICA
o Itamar to find out more about circus degree in Copenhagen

  1. Meeting closed at 11.22am

Next meeting scheduled for afternoon of 16 February 2019.


The General Meeting held on 8 December 2018 commenced at 1.41pm at Pyrmont Community Centre, Pyrmont NSW, Australia.

Richard Alley (chairman), Rhys James, Michaela Smith, Lukah Bain, Nicholas Faulks, Alexander Robinson, Itamar Steigrad (dialled in)

Jared Abbott, Filip Stempien

  1. Minutes of previous meeting
    Tabled by Michaela Smith and accepted
  2. Reimbursement for Server Costs
    Richard Alley has been paying annual server / hosting fees for Parkour NSW website for several years
    Agreed these costs are to be reimbursed.
    Richard to submit invoices at next meeting for committee’s consideration.
  3. Committee Goals
    (a) Qualifications
    • Noted that the current qualification documents from the previous committee are at best in draft form.
    • Considered reason for providing qualification system: agreed that having official qualifications, and an official syllabus allows for Parkour NSW Inc to undertake risk assessments, and negotiate better with insurance companies, councils, government bodies etc.
    • Pass/fail rates are to be taken into account; cannot have a 100% pass rate
    • Qualification system should be more wholistic (focus also on communication skills)
    • Previously gained qualifications (e.g. Cert III, Cert IV in fitness) should be able to count as ‘credits’ towards gaining quals.
    • Alex to circulate a copy of Cert IV fitness training material / syllabus
    (b) Governing body for parkour in NSW
    • Committee agreed that as a long-term goal we should be establishing ourselves as the governing body for parkour in NSW.

(c) Spreading parkour to regional communities / Parkour parks / public spaces
• Agreed that it should be a long-term goal of Parkour NSW Inc to assist regional communities, and broader NSW; the city and inner Sydney has facilities in place, broader NSW doesn’t necessarily have that.
• This could take the form of providing assistance in setting up infrastructure, assisting with building parks
• The qualifications material should be free and easily accessible / available, with administration and instructor fees to cover any associated costs of implementation

(d) Facilitating jump off into a larger, more international event / hosting our own event /
Attend events/festivals
• Events help spread awareness of parkour generally within the greater
• Our goal as an organisation is to help parkour businesses etc;
• Agreed that Parkour NSW Inc would not be hosting own events, but may facilitate
others to do so, subject to costs-benefit analyses to be undertaken at the
appropriate time

(e) Anti-FIG stance
• Agreed that if we are recognised as a governing body for parkour, we will be inadvertently fighting FIG – although open letters help and can be useful, if we are better at what we do that will also fight FIG.
• Agreed we can work with other international parkour bodies, e.g. New Zealand, UK, APA etc.

(f) General membership
• Noted that membership is required under the current Constitution;
• Agreed that we should provide information to members about what it means to be a member of Parkour NSW Inc
• Agreed Parkour NSW Inc should be transparent about its goals and how it is achieving them, and allow for general members to be involved if they wish
• Action: need to locate list of current membership (As required by law to have a current register)
• Action: ensure all current memberships are consistent with Constitution

(g) Generating income
• Rhys raised the question of why does Parkour NSW Inc need to generate income?
• Noted we currently have ~$20,000 in bank.
• Agreed that all projects are to be cost assessed at the relevant time.
• Agreed that we should be focussing on other goals in the meantime, rather than “generating income” for the sake of doing so.
• Agreed that Parkour NSW Inc should not be teaching classes, but should be facilitating others to do so.
• Agreed that if appropriate, there may be events Parkour NSW can sponsor to assist spreading parkour

  1. Other general business
    (a) Relationship between Parkour NSW Inc and APA
    • to begin as a clean slate;
    • Action: Richard to write to APA and introduce new committee to open the line of
    (b) Constitution
    • Action: Michaela to obtain copy of Constitution on record with Fair Trading and
    consider if any amendments required; to be tabled at next meeting

(c) Website
• Website: agreed it is to be updated. Action: committee members to add website inspiration screenshots to google drive folder.

(d) Branding Consistency
• Agreed branding may need to be reconsidered; current logos / images etc very old and dated
• To consider target market; businesses, councils, governments
• Agreed we should ensure consistent voice and writing
(e) Action Items:
• Richard:
o consider affiliation – contact NSW Sport & Rec;
o set up Google Drive
o Set up folder on Google Drive for website inspiration
o Set up folder on Google Drive for logos inspiration
o Email APA re opening line of communication between organisations
o Book meeting room for next meeting (19 January 2019)
• Rhys:
o Contact New Zealand parkour re qualifications materials
• Michaela:
o Contact Fair Trading re constitution
o Download all files on current PNSW facebook group and re-upload to
google drive
• Itamar:
o Contact Denmark parkour re qualifications materials

  1. Meeting closed at 3.20pm

AGM MINUTES – 23 November 2018

Parkour New South Wales Association Incorporated
AGM MINUTES – 23 November 2018

The Annual General Meeting held on 23 November 2018 commenced at 6:50pm at Pirrama Park,
Pyrmont NSW, Australia.

JP Gauntlett, Carl Luiker, Oliver Lister, Richard Alley, Nicholas Faulks, David Reilly, Jared Abbott,
Alexander Robinson, Michaela Smith, Lukah Bain, Hiro Yoneyama, Michael Zhang (in part)

Absent / No Apologies Given
Monique McDonald, Alex Reco, Sarah Moran

  1. Minutes of previous meeting
  2. Finance Report FY18
    Financial statement tabled by Oliver Lister and accepted
  3. FY18 Committee Activities Report
    Chairman summarised committee activities for FY18, including actions taken to prepare
    official PKNSW qualifications, discussed steps to be taken for implementation by incoming
  4. New Committee
    Chairman presented description of all committee positions
    Floor open to questions.
    Discussed future direction of Parkour NSW
    Nominees gave reasons for nominations
    Blind votes taken by chairman.
    New committee voted in:
    President: Richard Alley
    Vice President: Rhys James
    Secretary: Michaela Smith
    Treasurer: Michaela Smith
    General: Alexander Robinson, Filip Stempien, Itamar Steigrad, Jared Abbott, Lukah Bain, Nicholas Faulks

Previous committee to add new committee to relevant facebook groups, pages and committee group chats in coming days.

  1. Meeting closed at 7:40pm